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  • STEP 1 - Enterprise: 
    Submit the Application Form (link) to the bank with a copy to the LEPAP project;
  • STEP 2 - Commercial Bank: 
    Assess the credit worthiness of the Enterprise;
  • STEP 3 - LEPAP: 
    If the Enterprise is creditworthy, conduct a walk-through and initial identification of the project;
  • STEP 4 - Enterprise: 
    Submit environmental studies in line with MoE's requirements, technical specifications and bidding documents for the proposed sub-project;
  • STEP 5 - LEPAP: 
    Provide needed technical assistance to the Enterprise in the preparation and completion of Step 4. Once all technical requirements are met, submit to the Commercial Bank a technical clearance report (link) for the proposed sub-project;
  • STEP 6 - Commercial Bank: 
    Negotiate with the Enterprise the sub-project loan agreement and submit to BDL for approval;
  • STEP 7 - BDL: 
    Assess the eligibility of the loan application in line with the relevant technical and financial conditions;
  • STEP 8 - LEPAP: 
    Once loan approved for disbursement, follow up on the implementation of the sub-project;
  • STEP 9 - Enterprise: 
    Repayment of the loan in line with the provisions of the loan agreement.