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Marwan Rizkallah
Project Manager

Provides overall management of the LEPAP project in cooperation with the relevant stakeholders; grants final clearance on the technical eligibility of potential sub-projects with the LEPAP requirements. 

t: +961 (1) 976 555 ext. 521
Angela Akl
Procurement Officer

Manages the flow of procurement activities in the project components in line with the requirements of the donors; provides necessary assistance and tools to industrial establishments under LEPAP to undertake procurement activities and conduct evaluation processes. 

t: +961 (1) 976 555 ext. 514
Cynthia Kayem
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Ensures the effective implementation of the environmental management system and of the monitoring and evaluation plan within the LEPAP project; follows up on the sub projects implementation and fulfillment of their respective deliverables. 

t: +961 (1) 976 555 ext. 515